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Saavyz is a platform that helps Pharma companies impact and transform their organization using gamified learning.

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Grow your business, establish your brand, and put your customers first.

Monitor & Evaluate

Monitor & evaluate data to see progress, identify gaps and opportunities.

  • Monitor user progress.
  • Evaluate their knowledge on a category/topic.
  • Find out where to reinforce knowledge.

Internal Training

Develop your people with faster scalable training.

  • Soft skills & Compliance.
  • New product launch.
  • Cycle meetings
  • Enhance your learning programs.
  • Increase your your employees knowledge & keep them updated

External Engagement

leaders can use Savvyz to engage with HCPs & increase demand.

  • Boost advocacy with HCP engagement.
  • HCP key training.
  • Increase engagement in business events & conferences.


Onboard your employees in an engaging & fun gamified way.

  • Disease onboarding.
  • New hire onboarding
  • Product onboarding
our features
Improve, engage, play and measure all in a single platform
Learn how Leaders everywhere transform their approach to influence an audience and boost its performance

The Best Game Mechanics

This is more than ''a game''. Our technology and features are designed to increase engagement, participation, increase and retain knowledge.

Multiple Game modes

Onboarding gamification, 1 vs 1,  make Savvyz easy to apply in any scenario.

Daily Challenges

Keep your team’s knowledge up to date on a daily basis


Help your teams learn from their mistakes with micro explanations.


Give users an opportunity to flex their knowledge and revise the relevant information.

Rewards, Mastery, Leaderboards

Our rewards provide incentives, while mastery allows users to track their progress and feel a sense of accomplishment. Leaderboards encourage competition and improvement.

Rewards & achievements

Reward users with points, avatars & badges to incentivize user performance.


Progress tracking to keep users engaged and motivated.


Compare progress and accomplishments with others, give a sense of competition and encourage teams to strive for improvement

Data-driven decision making

For more accurate predictions, better identification of pitfalls and advantages, and the ability to test the effectiveness of various engagements.

Know the pitfalls

Reinforce knowledge where it needs it the most, by tracking real data.

Track completions

Are quizzes being completed? check how engaged users are.

Measure impact

See the real progress and improvement of your team, test the efficiency of your project.


What we do

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