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Business Process Automation Engine


Streamline your business with digital process automation software tailor-made to step in and boost efficiency and productivity across the panel.

  • Dashboards: Visual insightful display where you can see all of your data in one place (at a glance).
  • Analytics and reporting: Real-time Monitoring and KPI Measurement.
  • Process Optimization: Automate steps in the process increasing efficiency and eliminating bottlenecks.
  • Process Audit: Obtain an immediate digital or printable paper series of all the steps in the process.
  • Visual Process Design: Create the workflow plainly and make bold changes anytime.
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  • Dynamic Routing: Components are customarily routed to the right team members based on SOPs.
  • Dynamic Business Rules: Dynamic routing decision evaluated by business rules.
  • Dynamic Assignment: Reassigning tasks to the right team members even during the process.
  • Agile Deployment: Generating processes instantly, assign users and get going without hindrance.
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  • Intuitive user interface: Users are confident using We Flow with it’s simple, logical and user-friendly interface.
  • Instant access: Responsive on multiple devices which makes better productivity and speed.
  • Easily add your forms: Create workflows, Invite users, distribute tasks and get the job done.
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  • Automate: Digitizing managerial approvals, assignments and notifications for optimization.
  • Rest API: Cross coherence made possible through strong extensive API Integrations.
  • SLA Manager: SLA expectations monitored and executed well.
  • Task Management: Powerful, customizable and functional easily automated tasks.
  • Scalability: Smoothly manages any number of documents of any kind.
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Team Friendly

  • Communication: Activities based processes lead to a collaborative workspace.
  • Enterprise Mobility: Team members can subscribe without location being a limit.
  • Document Sharing: Attach documents and share it correspondently.
  • Social Collaboration: Get alerts to do tasks together simultaneously.
  • Smart Alerts: Beep direct notifications to your screen.
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