Promat the Digital Material Submission System is implemented to cut the average Promat approval time to 7 days and facilitates the filing, reviewing and transmission.

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EDA operated its Promotional and Non-Promotional material submissions using a manual and paper-based process. Due to the large amount of in-person paper submissions and the back-and-forth feedback appointments between CAPA team and Companies’ delegates, a single submission can take up to 4 months from time of submission to final approval. This increased the risk of marketing campaigns delays and overloaded the EDA PM team.


Accelerate approvals via digital submissions and reviews
Reduce cost and waste of draft paper submissions and physical effort for both company delegates and EDA reviewers
Consolidate all submission files in a single data bank for monitoring and tracking
Impact: +3500 total submissions per year, 79 Pharma Companies, 6/15 CAPA Team

A secure, web-based, user-friendly and intuitive digital approval workflow system that

More than 20 different workflows

Dynamic Checklists, comments and guidelines

Integration with EDA internal system

Smart distributions and submission system

Live reviewing, scoring and reporting

Impact in Numbers Since Launch

Days Saved

Patients Served

Total Claims

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Success Stories

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Game App

Pharmaceutical  Company

Technology idea for education through a game on your phone.

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